White Wines #29

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We tried some great drops this issue while eating out. Here are some of the whites and a link to where we got them. 2020 Rivendell Sauvignon Blanc at Rivendelle Winery Estate, 2019 Azahara Pinot Grigio at Avocados Bar & Grill, 2018 Kuku Sauvingnon Blanc at Dusit Dheva By The Sea, 2019 Willespie Semillon Sauvignon Blanc at Cinnamon Vic, 2019 Domaine Naturaliste Artus Chardonnay at Tiller Dining, 2018 Harris Organic Verdelho at Limones Restaurant, 2020 Rivendell Semillon Sauvignon Blanc at Rivendelle Winery Estate¬†and 2019 Millbrook Sauvignon Blanc at …


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