22 Jump Street

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It’s admirable that the writers of “21 Jump Street” wanted to capitalize on the fun and fervor of the first film, and tried to recreate its magic in this sequel. Unfortunately this self-congratulating send-up to the original eighties television show is too busy trying to show its audience that it’s in on the joke, instead of just telling it. Oftentimes this film tells its audience “we know sequels usually suck, but we don’t suck, because we’ll make ourselves suck” and then it kamikazes itself. Though that level of Meta can be obnoxious, there are some solid comedy moments reminiscent of the original. Hill and Tatum work perfectly together in a blended chemistry that should have been better exploited for their second romp onscreen. While the film was very much like the original in its form of comedy and execution, it would have been better to see that, constantly, throughout the film, instead of scenes of partying and reference to the fact that it was a movie. I know it’s a movie, I’m watching it.


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