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So this, to me, is like the forgotten movie of this Summer. I honestly forgot all about it when it opened. The reviews were horrible and it didn’t make any money at all. But, I love Adam Sandler movies so I gave it a shot and I’m so glad I did. Here he re-teams with Drew Barrymore as 2 single parents who have a horrible blind date. Then by crazy circumstances their families take an African vacation together. Hijinks ensue and Sandler gets the girl. Very typical Sandler romantic comedy, which is perfectly fine with me! I LOVED the “Wedding Singer”, and this is a lot along those lines(even has the same director). You’ll get the normal gags and jokes as you get in all of his comedies. By now you either love his movies or hate them. If you hate them, I’d ask why? It’s harmless comedy, that usually has a good message and good music. Oh and Terry Crews is AMAZING! This is no different than any of his other movies. He and Barrymore continue to have great chemistry. Is this his best movie? No where close. BUT, I laughed a lot and my wife stayed awake through the entire thing, and that right there is all you need to know! Check it, not a movie that should fall between the cracks


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