The Margaret River Report

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CH’NG Poh Tiong has announced the launch of a new initiative ‘The Margaret River Report’ that will begin in early 2013. The report will be published as an annual newsletter listing the top 30 wines from the Margaret River Region. It will focus on Cabernet Sauvignon wines and other Bourdeaux blends including dry whites. “Starting 2013, every January or February, I will make a dedicated visit to taste about 100 wines in order to write and publish ‘The Margaret River Report’ however I expect to be visiting Margaret River more frequently in the years ahead because I believe the region and the wine community behind it offer much to the world in relation to quality terrior wines”, said Poh Tiong. The report will be in Chinese and English to maximise market reach and will be put on Poh Tiong’s blog at, one of the world’s largest internet portals. In launching ‘The Margaret River Report’ Poh Tiond said, “In a sense, I feel my wine career is coming full-circle, I first visited the region in the early 1980’s and at that time my parents had a house in the Perth Hills. Margaret River was the first premier wine region of the world that I visited. I hope in a small way I am able to help Margaret River flourish even more.”


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