WA's own Di Bella roasting warehouse

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Coffee entrepreneur Phillip Di Bella has announced today that he will be establishing a Di Bella Coffee roasting warehouse in Western Australia in early 2013. The warehouse will be located in Fremantle and will hopefully be roasting, brewing and in full operation by April 2013. “This is very exciting for Di Bella Coffee as we have been looking at establishing a warehouse in WA for quite some time,” Mr Di Bella said. “We have been operating in the WA wholesale market for the past 12 months and have been averaging half a tonne of beans every week. Establishing a roasting warehouse in Fremantle will mean faster shipping for our WA clients and our customers will be able to come into the warehouse and experience how Di Bella Coffee roasts and operates first hand.”
There are currently Di Bella roasting warehouses in Melbourne and Sydney as well as their flagship warehouse and training centre in Brisbane.  “Our WA roasting warehouse will allow clients and customers to sample our vast range of freshly roasted coffee blends or take a seat and enjoy the aroma of roasting beans in our retails showroom. We aim to provide the ultimate coffee experience at our roasting warehouses, allowing customers to experience our roasting techniques as well as offering training courses for at home baristas and professionals alike,” said Mr Di Bella. Di Bella explains the warehouse is not only a workplace, “The roasting warehouse is not just a roasting facility, rather it is an experience designed to excite, evoke passion and educate fellow coffee lovers as they commence on their own personal coffee culture journey.”


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