The Expendables 2

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The Expendables are back, and this time it’s personal! Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) and his crew of aged killers are approached by Mr Church (Bruce Willis) for one final job. It’s a mission that promises to be an easy paycheck, but things go awry when one of the Expendables is killed. Hell bent on revenge, the crew soon find themselves deep in enemy territory, and up against the coldest, most ruthless villain yet.
I’ll be honest, if you’re looking for a decent plotline and engaging dialogue, don’t bother with this film. But if you’re looking for crazy action, a ridiculous kill count and cameos from the greatest action heroes over the past 25 years, you’ve come to the right place.
The sequel is a huge step up from the original film, and gives fans exactly what they want: Gratuitous violence, extreme action sequences, and a fantastic villain in Jean Claude Van Damme.
The first thing you’ll note about this movie is that it doesn’t try to take itself too seriously – in fact I’d class it as a parody of action films over the last 3 decades. The dialogue continuously hint that the team are past their sell-by date as the “I’m too old for this,” schtick is used often. Yet that’s why it actually works – it’s a fun flick that gives you a chance to see your favourite action hero doing what the do best – killing a plethora of baddies in the most brutal ways possible.
The entire cast, from Willis to Ludgren, all play their parts to a tee, and make this movie a fun, action-packed tribute to the genre.


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