Safe Haven

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In cinemas on Valentine’s Day, Safe Haven is a romantic thriller directed by Lasse Hallstorm, and is a must see for all the romantics. This film is focused around falling in love, romance and second chances. The twists and red herrings sometimes deceiving give the impression the film is more than a classic love story. Katie, played by Julianne Hough, is a is a troubled woman looking to leave the past behind her and move towns for a fresh start, Alex, played by Josh Duhamel, is a widowed dad who is trying to do the best by his two children.
As Alex and Katie’s love blossoms so does their strength to face the pasts they once wanted to forget. This film shows the importance of strong friends, true love and family to heal the past and allow the future to be exciting. The film asks several questions that can only be answered by following the journey of these two romantics.
Despite the dream couple and the beautifully behaved children, in areas Safe Haven did present a weak storyline, as the story became muddled between romance and thriller I found this at the time to be a little confusing and almost lost interest.


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