A Vintage Weekend in the Swan Valley

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A Vintage Weekend in the Swan Valley will be held March 15th, 16th and 17th; the weekend is a great opportunity for a behind the scenes look at how wine is made and to enjoy some good wine, good food and good company in the Swan Valley during the harvest season.
A Vintage Weekend in the Swan Valley is a part of the Autumn River Festival and a great time to celebrate all that Perth’s Eastern Region has to offer.
Some of the highlights of the weekend will be:

  • A family concert at Houghton Winery
  • A four course Vintage Dinner at Pinelli Winery
  • The annual Harvest Breakfast at Faber Vineyard
  • Wine Tasting and Small market experience at Taylor’s Art and Coffee House
  • Tours of Olive Farm Winery  with the family winemakers and a chance to see and taste the 2013 ferments
  • A Paella afternoon at  Mandoon Estate Winery
  • A Mediterranean Weekend at Black Swan Winery

Many more great events and activities are on offer as we share this bountiful harvest season and invite everyone to enjoy the Swan Valley: Perth’s Wine Region since 1834.
For more information go to www.swanvalleywinemakers.com.au or www.perthtourism.com.au


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