Project X

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Project X tells the story of Thomas (Thomas Mann), a 17 year old who doesn’t quite fit in with the ‘cool’ kids at school. His friends Dax (Dax Flame) and Costa (Oliver Cooper) decide to throw him a mammoth birthday party, so they can enjoy being popular for once. Thomas agrees to Costa’s scheme, but informs him that they can’t get too carried away, as his parents are going to be out of town.
Costa ends up inviting everyone at school, and Thomas’ party turns into the craziest gig of the decade. Soon women are getting nude, drugs and alcohol are consumed in excess, his father’s Mercedes gets driven into the pool, and someone with a flamethrower starts setting fire to the neighbourhood.
As one might expect when Todd Phillips (Director of the Hangover series, Old School and Roadtrip) is in the director’s chair, Project X is excessive, crude and also surprisingly funny. Anyone that has thrown a house party (which spirals out of control) will relate to the film, although to say it is over the top is an understatement.  It’s another member of the found footage genre, and while it plays like an hour-long music video, the footage has been cut and edited magnificently well.
The soundtrack is epic, with some of the biggest club bangers included in the line-up.
I found it entertaining, however I did think Todd took the glorification of binging on drugs and alcohol a touch too far. If you are over the age of 25, chances are you will hate this movie. However, if you love getting rowdy then Project X is surely the party movie of the year.


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