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It’s 2072, and time travel has become a reality. However it’s a closely guarded secret, only used by the mafia to leave no trace of their victims. The mafia employs assassins known as ‘loopers’ – highly trained killers that are tasked with “taking out the future’s garbage.” Victims are sent back 30 years into the past to a waiting looper, who takes them out and collects their reward. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Joe, one of the best loopers in the business, but his life soon takes a turn for the worst when his next target turns out to be his future self.
I have been let down by Sci-Fi Action Thrillers as of late, however, Looper brings a breath of fresh air into a genre that desperately needs it. The concept of the film is excellent, while Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt both excel in their roles. Gordon-Levitt seems older, more rugged (thanks to the makeup and prosthetic nose he used), and plays his role flawlessly, while Willis gives a performance that’s been missing since the Die Hard days. It’s smart a film without being too confusing (I’m looking at you, Inception), yet provides some incredible action scenes, great dialogue and some fantastic work by the supporting cast.
If you’re into thought provoking thrillers, this movie won’t disappoint.


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