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A truly awesome, visual feast about two astronauts (George Clooney, Sandra Bullock), who are separated from their ship after a massive debris storm sends them spiraling into space, and how the two try to find a way back to not just the ship, but to earth as well. Although Clooney is given top billing from marketing reasons most likely, this movie is really Bullock’s show, and she shines with limited dialogue and having to do a lot of acting with her facial movements. This film is not just a visual masterpiece, but it has a story to it as well, as well as two very likable characters, especially Bullock’s who has a painful back story and is challenged to find the will to survive despite suffering a devastating tragedy. It has been too long since we last had an Alfonso Cuaron film (“Children of Men” is also a phenomenal accomplishment that should be seen, made in 2006), but all that waiting for his next film has resulted in a truly great picture. It is an exhausting film that successfully makes its viewer feel like they are the astronauts floating in space and grasping for life.


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