Cappuccino Strip Football

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know that Fremantle made it to the AFL Grand Final today. Fremantle has been a buzz for weeks and we thought that to mark the ocassion, we should drop the flat whites, espresso’s and macchiatos for the good old Cappuccino. Many thought the team should have been called the Fremantle Cappuccinos.
Well the game is over and the boys lost so now what. Here are a few tips to bet by…
Espresso with a shot of Sambuca.
1.5 shots of Kaluha, 1 shot of vodka and an espresso shaken with ice and poured into a martini glass.
Patron XO Cafe ( My personal favourite)
For all of those who came to the strip today. Kick on, have fun and we will see you there next year.


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