Borneo Day 7

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It has been great fun in Borneo. We have met some great people, tasted weird and wonderful things and seen the culture too.
After a quick breakfast we had a chance to have a guided snorkel. Was not the best because the visibility was pretty average but it was interesting to be told not to touch the ground due to stone fish and poisonous urchins.
After our snorkel we checked out and enjoyed our last cocktail before heading off by speedboat to the main land.
Gaya Island was wicked and I would recommend this if you want to try a different resort.
We met our driver (Wilfred) and our guide (John) at the Yacht club to shout them a quick drink before heading home. These guys were fantastic. You can book them through Borneo Passengers.
So last thing to do before flying out is to visit the Malaysian Airlines lounge. It was very basic but it did have toilets. Was bigger than Perth But offered no alcohol. I have been to the one in Kuala Lumpur and that one is amazing. All three are very different but worth the experience I guess.
Thanks to all concerned in this amazing experience. I hope to come again soon.
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