Borneo Day 6

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Up at about 7.30 for breakfast before heading off on a nature walk. Was interesting to see different plants and animals. Best thing was seeing a viper consume a lizard. We interviewed the viper who told us that it is like eating chicken but it does not go down as easily. Our tour guide was very quiet so we pretty much had to work it out ourselves.
We finished the walk at about 10.30 so we thought we should live the resort life with cocktails on the beach.
At 12.30 we jumped on a small boat to visit a private beach for a gourmet picnic. As all picnics should be, it was fresh fruits, veggies and rolls. Nearby was small aquarium. I did some snorkelling but did not go out too far.
When we returned to the resort we enjoyed a few more cocktails in the pool bar before jumping onto a larger boat to get a good view on the sunset.
This day would have been a perfect way to pop the question. They really have a heap of options for you here and they are happy to cater for any others as well.
For dinner we enjoyed a Kadazan Tribal Dinner which is a BBQ on the beach. Local stuff again. I was really keen to finally eat the local grouper. A bit smaller than ours. It was really nice but they can’t cook BBQ like we do in Australia. The chicken was ok but the rest was a bit of a let down.
Tomorrow we head home and I for one will look forward to seeing my wife and kids.
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