Fast & Furious 6

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Get ready rev-heads, this is one for you! With enough babes, explosions and tyre-squealing action to keep you’re jaw on the floor from beginning to end, whether it’s because the stunts are ridiculous or hardcore it’s up to you, but get ready, six is the biggest so far. This is the motor enthusiasts answer to The Expendables, outlandishly over the top and a tad cheesy, you can’t deny yourself, it’s just so worth it. Between The Rock, Vin Diesel and all the split and straight ponies, there is enough muscle to keep the chicks happy and the guys envious, with a twist or two to keep it interesting, I would like to say there’s more to it than just car chases, but that may be debatable? But we can live with that; it is Fast & Furious after all? And talking about debatable, how long are the airstrips in Spain anyway?


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