Rewind Sides – the new taste of liquorice

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The creators at Rewind have released a new retro cool liquorice range. Rewind Sides is the new art-deco vintage inspired range of fruit flavoured liquorice from Sweden given a new twist. Rewind Coffee have given new life to liquorice with this new range. These new liquorice products first hit the shelves in early 2012 and have proved to be a hit. The Rewind Sides Range includes four different products; Twisticles, Daddy O’s, Lucky Lines and Six Shots. Each range has a different flavour experience. Twisticles are twisted fruit bites with pear, cola, cherry and tutti frutti flavours. Daddy O’s are more traditional black liquorice with lemon, apple, strawberry and chocolate centre. Lucky Lines are slim and chewy banana, strawberry, apple and chocolate fruit flavoured strip encased in black liquorice. And Six Shots are a chunky hit of banana, apple, strawberry or chocolate wrapped in black liquorice. The Rewind Sides range is sourced from European confectioners and is 99% fat free so can be your non guilty pleasure. The four varieties are available in 200g boxes and are available at leading independent supermarkets and gourmet stores.


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