New Robot gives Linley Valley Fresh the Edge

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Australia’s first laser guided pork cutting robot has been installed right here in W.A.
Craig Mostyn Group’s Linley Valley Fresh pork processing works at Wooroloo installed the revolutionary piece of equipment at the cost of $700,000 earlier this year.
The machine operates by using highly accurate laser imaging which takes precise measurements of the carcase, and then programs the robot to make cuts based on the individual animal’s anatomical features.
This allows maximisation of high-value meat cuts that can be based on specific customer requirements, and also minimises contamination and wastage through manual error.
Manual error when cutting currently affects 20 000 pigs at Linley Valley annually, and with this new technology the number is expected to be reduced to 5 000 pigs or less.
General Manager Ron Penn explained the importance of introducing the machinery to keep Australia ahead in a very difficult overseas market, stating that,
“Recognising that Denmark, Canada and the USA, Australia’s major fresh pork competitors in Singapore, had already addressed the challenges of food safety, productivity and labour costs by investing in robotic cutting machines, supported by laser guided imaging to maximise efficiency, Australia simply had to invest in the technology to protect its competitive edge.”
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