CEC Accuses Government of ‘Genocide’

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Citizens Electoral Council Leader Craig Isherwood has labelled the state Governments of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia as ‘Genocidalists’ after water restrictions have been imposed on food producers during floods.
South Australian irrigators have been ‘forced’ to watch the overflowing Murray River pass them buy without being able to use one-third of the water entitled to them necessary to grow food.
Mr. Isherwood stated that “It is genocide to restrict food production during a time when not only is the world facing a food shortage, but Australia too faces a severe food shortage from flood damage on the eastern seaboard and in northern Western Australia.”
He continued by saying that,
“The tormented irrigators are family farmers of our national food bowl, the producers of the nation’s food supply, who have barely held on through a decade of drought exacerbated by water restrictions for phoney ‘environmental flows’, but now when they finally have an opportunity to replenish their land and grow full crops, they are being blocked”
Although the drought affecting this region is well and truly over, the four Murray-Darling Basin states are sticking to their water-cap policy struck during the drought which limits the amount of water each state is allowed to use for irrigation.
This has resulted in a major expense for South Australian farmers, who have to spend millions each month buying water from interstate, even though the Murray River is in flood.
Mr. Isherwood concluded his attack on the current policy by stating that, “It is up to the people of Australia to demand the various governments protect our food security and the family farmers who provide it. The CEC is leading that fight—join us!”
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