New Dates For More Turban Chopsticks Cooking Classes

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Turban Chopsticks have added two new cooking classes to their agenda. Bombay Beats and Turban Chopsticks Lovers have recently started up after the popularity and demand for classes increased. The addition of the two classes will allow you to pick from of classes that suit you.
Learn how to cook an array of Indian dishes from scratch in Bombay Beats, including an entrée, rice dish, homemade curry and roti. On the other hand, Turban Chopsticks Lovers is great (but not limited to) beginners. Combine Turban Chopsticks’ range of fresh products into a delicious meal.
Bookings for the classes are essential, and can be either individual or corporate. Phone 9227 0022 Monday to Friday between 9am and 3pm or email for bookings.
Class dates and availability can be seen below:

  • Wed 1st June – BEATS
  • Thur 2nd June – LOVERS – Fully Booked – Corporate Booking
  • Wed 8 June – LOVERS – Fully Booked – Corporate Booking
  • Thur 9 June – BEATS
  • Wed 15 June – LOVERS
  • Thur 16 June – BEATS – Fully Booked – PRIVATE GROUP
  • Wed 6 July – BEATS
  • Thur 7 July – LOVERS
  • Wed 10 Aug – BEATS
  • Thur 11 Aug – LOVERS
  • Wed 17 Aug – LOVERS
  • Thur 18 Aug – BEATS
  • Wed 31 Aug – BEATS
  • Thur 1 Sept – LOVERS

Bookings will need to be confirmed with full payment for individual and group bookings. For more information, visit


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