Malaysia: Day 4

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We were scheduled to go and visit the tranquil Kuala Lumpur Bird Park and the Butterfly Park on our last morning in Malaysia.
Unfortunately, my stomach was giving me a bad time – I had decided on grabbing a late night snack from one of the many mamat stalls dotted around KL, and was starting to feel the repercussions of my actions. Don’t get me wrong; the food at mamat stalls (tiny little stalls selling extremely cheap local cuisine) is delicious, but my untrained western stomach couldn’t deal with it!
I spent the morning recovering in my room, while my colleagues enjoyed the sights and sounds of the Bird and Butterfly Parks.
That afternoon, we all went to check out KL’s infamous Petaling Street, more commonly known as Chinatown.
The street is completely packed with merchants selling pretty much everything: from knock off Louis Vuitton bags to pirated T.V shows, all at insanely low prices (depending on your haggling skills).
We were given 2 hours to wander the street and buy some things. I personally hate haggling, so I just wandered around and enjoyed watching the verbal sparring between merchants and their prospective customers.
After Petaling Street, we went to the iconic Central Market for dinner.
Central Market dates back to 1888 and was originally an open wet market (fresh food market common found in asian countries). Due to constant expansion, the market was given a facade upgrade in 1938, and was listed as a heritage site in the 1970’s. It changed from a wet market into a Malaysian Arts, Cultural and Handicrafts centre at this time.
We had a browse of the curios and products on offer, but most of it was made out of wood  (making it impossible to bring back to Perth).
We had dinner at Precious Old China Restaurant, which serves delicious Baba Nyonya Cuisine (fusion of Chinese and Malay cuisine). We had a delicious nasi lemak, a blue, jasmine rice (the aroma and taste was incredible), fish, beef and bok choy. A feature I found incredibly handy was a small electronic device on each table that you can use to call a waiter, ask for more water, or call for the bill. I definitely think venues in Australia could utilise this simple yet smart device.
After a great meal it was back to the hotel to pack and get ready to leave.
I had a magnificent time in Malaysia. The beauty of the landscape, incredibly friendly locals, and mouth watering food has left a big impression on me, so I will definitely be going back soon!


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