Lola Berry’s 20/20 Diet

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After struggling with her own weight for years, celebrity nutritionist and media sweetheart Lola Berry took matters into her own hands – the 20/20 diet. At the end of the 20 week process, her simple plans and direct approach to eating enabled her to lose 20 kilos.
In summary, 20/20 diet basically comprises strictly on eating unprocessed foods and avoiding grains, dairy and refined sugar. It’s really practical for people with hectic lifestyles as they needn’t worry about strict dieting rules.
This incredible diet plan is said to help you lose weight and boost your energy levels at the same time and it was all based on Lola’s years of experience in her practice and in the media, helping people to shed excess kilos.
Simple things like taking in more metabolism-boosters such as coconut oil, green tea and chilli will help you lose weight at your desk. There are also massive benefits for your mind and body, in getting proper sleep.
The 20/20 Diet is crammed with simple and appetizing recipes, tips and plenty of tricks to lose weight at a rapid and steady pace – and make sure it never comes back.
To find out more about Lola’s effective and easy-to-follow diet plan secrets, get a copy of her book “The 20/20 Diet” available on the shelves, late September this year.


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