Is Coffee too Expensive?

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Australian’s love that morning coffee, yet more and more people are beginning to notice how expensive it’s getting to get their daily fix!
Despite that, Phillip Di Bella, owner and founder of Di Bella Coffee has refuted claims that coffee is overpriced in Australia.
“Many people forget what they are actually paying for when they are ordering a cup of coffee…” Di Bella said.
“Labour for one cup of coffee alone is now estimated at $1.00 per cup and this includes all the hidden labour costs that many people forget about, such as taking the order, making the coffee and washing up after, cleaning the machine, etc.
Ingredients are also estimated at a further $1.00 per cup and therefore $2.00 worth of revenue is automatically gone from every cup.”
He went on to say that there are other expenses as well that need be accounted for, such as electricity, rent, sugar, takeaway cups and more.
He said that while the price of coffee has dropped, customers should not be worried about cafés looking to revenue raise.
“If you pay $2.50 for a coffee and muffin deal, let’s face it, you can’t be expecting the world’s greatest coffee, or muffin for that matter.
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