Hands-on Robert Gordon Plates

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It’s extremely timely that Robert Gordon ceramics is having plate-painting classes in the Kitchen Warehouse outlets this April – as mother’s day closes in again.
It’s a perfect mother’s day gift, as the Robert Gordon team will help put your baby or child’s foot and handprints on the plate. Either way, it’s lovely to see how personal ceramics can be again, compared to the mass produced industry of it.
The company is 100% Australian, and produces handmade ceramics to an international market. Not one piece of ceramic from Robert Gordon is the same as any other, as the pieces are crafted and personalised by highly trained ceramic craftspeople.
It’s expected to be an intimate hands-on experience of designing beautiful plates with Sam and Robert Gordon in the Kitchen Warehouse outlets. Participants pay $50 per person to participate and it’s includes a Robert Gordon plate, an apron and all the tools you’ll need to create your very own memento.
Robert Gordon is a family tree of potters that have been around even before 1979. Following in the footsteps of his mother, Robert ‘Andy’ Gordon formed The Pack Track Pottery – the Robert Gordon we know today. This ceramic legacy has more than sixty years of family heritage and three generations of potters, since it first started.
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