Hamptons City Beach

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179 Challenger Parade, City BeachDSC_0186

Ph: (08) 9385 9588
Room with a View
Majestically poised on the edge of the Indian Ocean, Hamptons City Beach is a young restaurant establishing itself as a main stayer. Beholden to its superb location and the availability of fresh local produce, it has been quietly planning a renaissance and by employing the award-winning talents of executive chefs Baden Thomas and Callum Russell, Hamptons has upped the ante since it first opened.
The building’s modern architecture is designed to blend with the suburban beach landscape, and the giant glass windows ensure that every diner has an uninterrupted view of the ocean
DSC_0096While there are other restaurants dotted along the coastline, Hamptons employs a symbiotic relationship with the elements, creating an ambience that ebbs and flows with the tides. As the morning tide slowly crawls up the beach, Hamptons’ first patrons congregate for what has become a social institution in Perth – breakfast – where subtle luxury and casual style are entwined with finesse.
Hamptons’ owners Fiona and Marcel Slobe have extensive knowledge in the restaurant business. Fiona is the daughter of Perth hospitality veteran Sonja Gastevich so it’s little wonder that under the watchful eye of Fiona, striving for perfection is not compromised
Walking through the giant white wooden double doors you are immediately struck by two things. One is the amazing view ScallopVacross the ocean; it is impossible to look away. The second is the exquisite craftsmanship of the impressively large and well-stocked bar. Hand made by Marcel and his brother, the exquisite bar is a magnificently carved piece of petrified wood that is about 35 million years old and comes from Israel.
This is a luxurious place to anchor yourself for the spectacle of Perth’s sunset, afternoon cocktails, or an aperitif before your meal. But don’t be shy if you are coming off the beach in thongs and board shorts. You will be made just as welcome and there are four separate eating areas to suit multiple occasions.
We began with four starters from the a la carte menu to share.
The delicious pea, kale and ricotta croquettes were served with a fig and green chilli chutney, whipped Italian ricotta, and moist dried figs, and sprinkled with an aromatic dukkha.
The chef’s specialty, Huon salmon and snapper carpaccio, was served with a zuzu dressing, radish and cucumber, capers and caviar. An elegant appetiser, the thinly sliced salmon and snapper melt in your mouth and contrasted beautifully with the gentle bursts of the salty caviar.
These dishes were paired with a glass of the light and refreshing 2017 Fraser Gallop Estate Semillon Sauvignon Blanc (Margaret River, WA), a wine that is a good match for these dishes that were light and full of flavour.
SalmonH2The pan seared scallops on a cauliflower purée and sprinkled with pancetta puffed rice were ‘melt in your mouth’ and the sweetness of the cauliflower puree was in perfect balance with the saltiness of the pancetta puffed rice.
The crispy skin on whole school prawns dish was served with roast fennel, a vibrant and perfectly seasoned heirloom tomato, and fresh mint salad. We paired this dish with a glass of the crisp citrusy 2015 Domaine William Fevre Chablis (Chablis, France), which is aptly described by the experts as being “inimitably suited to the best seafood”, touché. This was turning into the perfect long lunch.
Behind the scenes, executive chefs Baden and Callum believe in a collaborative approach to teaching and share their passion for creating award-winning dishes with sous chef Craig Taylor, an ex-fisherman who really understands fish and is relishing in the creative freedom and opportunities he is awarded in this young venue.
At Hamptons they believe in simplifying things. Owner Fiona Slobe likes to think of it as Home Style Cooking with a slightPrawnsV twist but I believe the food is more than that.
Settling in for our long lunch, we were a little hypnotised by the lolling of the ocean waves, when our mains arrived. Staying with the seafood, I opted for the crispy skin salmon. This dish did not disappoint and was enjoyed with a glass of the 2016 Howard Park Flint Rock Chardonnay (Mount Barker, WA), a wine with delicate fruit notes of melon and lemon zest.
My friend couldn’t resist the lure of the crispy skin Linley Valley pork belly which was moist and perched on a bed of parsnip puree and topped with seared scallops. This was accompanied by the 2017 Silkwood Estate The Walcott Pinot Noir (Pemberton, WA), a wine with cherry fruit and oak spice notes and a must for lovers of a fine pinot noir.
All our dishes arrived with impeccable presentation, which is always a good sign that there is a proud team working in the kitchen. As we were finishing our mains, another table was receiving theirsthe pièce de résistance – Hamptons’ seafood platter for two. It was a sumptuous display of whole steamed crayfish, citrus poached prawns, marinated octopus, lightly battered fish, Tulum-spiced squid, chilli mussels and garlic bread, oysters two ways, and Greek salad. Needless to say, it impressed us and we are coming back for this dish.
DSC_0063There is a specialty desert menuand Hamptons has vegetarian and gluten free options, and welcomes families. Reservations are preferred and there are various seating options but no matter where you choose, you’ll be in a room with a view.
By Tina McLennan
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