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Greekalicious has just turned five and to celebrate, founder Maria Benardis is releasing a new eBook called ‘A Greekalicious Feast’ which includes 127 traditional Greek recipes. Bernadis is also showcasing her new range of organic Greekalicious products. The organic extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar will be the first additions to her new range. You can buy the book for $8.99 and the set of three products for $50 on her website.
The eBook will be the first of a two part series following the release of Bernadis’s successful hard back book, My Greek Family Table. The Greek Australian author says that food is more than nourishment, “It is the focus of some of the most important moments and events in our lives. Memories are made, experiences are had, deals are done, and stories are told over a shred table”.
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