Christmas Cooking without the Chore

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Cooking for Christmas is always a chore but what if you don’t even have the tools to create the fabulous feast? Well, Kitchen Warehouse, the exclusive one stop shop has all the utensils and cookware you need to easily create even the most complicated of dishes.
Roasts, seafood and delectable desserts are part and parcel of any Christmas lunch. With Kitchen Warehouse’s cookware, cooking can be fast, easy and of course, affordable. Kitchen aids like electric mixers are going for only $699. Not only are these incredible cake mixers automated, these babies come in 18 different colours. Who says baking a pavlova is hard work? Just add the sugar and egg whites into this fancy contraption, set is on the speed you choose and within minutes, voila, a sweet dessert the whole family will love.
Everyone knows choosing the right pots and pans are incredibly important. Don’t we hate it when meats, seafood and eggs stick the bottom of the pan? Not only does it burn, it is also painstakingly difficult to wash! With Kitchen Warehouse’s Scanpan everyday cookware, you can kiss those troubles goodbye. The cookware offered at Kitchen Warehouse allows the most amateur of cooks to sear, fry, boil and steam, creating culinary masterpieces that could even make the gods salivate. If that is not good news enough, Kitchen Warehouse will be selling all Scanpan cookware at 50 per cent off!
Christmas is already round the corner, there’s no time to lose. Head over to your nearest Kitchen Warehouse and pick up these bad boys before your pesky neighbour gets to them. If you already have all the utensils you need, why not buy some as a Christmas gift for your mom, sister, auntie, heck, maybe even dad!


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