Best Beer WA – Peoples Choice

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We featured the Beer Awards in issue 16 and thought it appropriate that you have your say on what you think are the best beers going around. You voted for your fav beers. We had 48 beers nominated and 168 votes in total. Here is your top 25.
1. Feral Hop Hog
2. Ironbark Brumby
3. Asahi Super Dry
4. Little Creatures Pale Ale
5. Coopers Pale Ale
6. Nail Clout Stout
7. Feral Watermelon Warhead
8. Little Creatures Rogers’ Beer
9. Matso’s Mango Beer
10. Two Birds Sunset Ale
11. Ironbark Aussie Pils
12. Epic Hop Zombie
13. The Monk Bounty
14. Feral Boris
15. Bootleg Raging Bull
16. The Monk Chief IPA
17. Matso’s Hit the Toad
18. Billabong NSA
19. Boneyard Golden Ale
20. Trappistes Rochefort 10
21. Cantillon Geuze
22. Eagle Bay Kolsch
23. Rodenbach Grand Cru
24. Schlenkerla Marzen
25. Ironbark Blokes Brown
The top ten were featured in issue 17 of Menu Magazine.


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