Agricultural Shows Grow in Popularity

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argricAgricultural Societies within the Perth Metro area, encourage participation and enrich the lives of the community through Agriculture, Cultural Pursuits and the Arts.
Affiliated with the Royal Agricultural Society of WA; the Canning Show, Osborne Park Show, Kelmscott, Kalamunda and Wanneroo Shows provide their local communities with a platform to showcase skill, creativity and culture across a fun-filled weekend of showbags, rides, petting farms and entertainment.
“We are shocked by the amount of people who do not know how they can be a part of an Agricultural Show,” says Ryan Shulz, Marketing and Events Manager at CAHRS. People who go the big events like the Royal Show need to know that there are opportunities to participate in the events, exhibitions and programmes delivered locally.
Metropolitan based show organisers met recently to compare how they are facing the challenges of increased costs, ageing volunteers and competition from local government funded festivals. It was agreed by the group that the time has come for the broader community to support their local show and keep the concept alive.
The Canning Show is conducted each year by the Canning Agricultural, Horticultural & Recreational Society. This year the ‘Make Smoking History Canning Show’ is proudly sponsored by Healthway promoting the Make Smoking History message.
This year’s Show will play host to the International Year of Light, in tribute to Light & Light Technology. The Show will celebrate the challenge by inspiring crafters, photographers and artists to think about light and shade, and the moods light can create. A large exhibition of floriculture and horticulture is planned for showcase, as we celebrate the life that photosynthesis gives us, and entertainment galore is set to hit the showgrounds as after all, entertainment in its many forms is what ‘lights up our world’.
The Schedule of Entries for the Canning Show will be released early August. Popular sections including cooking, home, produce & gardening, photography and arts and crafts. Interested exhibitors are encouraged to visit


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