Winter's Tale

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Not to be confused with Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale”, this movie is based on Mark Helprin’s 1983 novel, and is set in an alternate universe not too dissimilar to our own. It is unashamedly a romantic love story, and I enjoyed it immensely, but some people may find it too sentimental and unbelievable. Having seen the movie, I think I would like to read the book to get more of the “back story” than is possible in 2 hours on screen. From Peter Lake’s arrival in New York in 1895 as a baby set adrift in a tiny boat, to the film’s climax in 2014, it spans well over a century, thanks to a bit of a time warp between 1916 – where Peter meets and falls in love with Beverley Penn, the dying heiress – and 2014, where he wanders as an amnesiac searching for the red-haired girl of his dreams. Russell Crowe is intimidating as the villain of the piece. Will Smith is amusing as Lucifer. Colin Farrell and Jessica Brown Findlay make a gorgeous couple, and the winged horse scenes are simply stunning. If you can suspend your disbelief and just enjoy the story and the scenery you will have a good time.


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