WA Labor Liquor Policy Major Repercussions

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WA Labor’s liquor policy opens the door for pubs, taverns, clubs and bars across the state to gain 24 hour trading and much less restrictions but also means that we may no longer have restaurants in WA where diners can go for a quiet meal without people walking around a table and drinking.
Australian Hotels Association (WA) CEO Mr. Bradley Woods said there would be many community and social repercussions from WA Labor’s policy of allowing patrons to drink without being seated in a restaurant.
“The requirement to be seated in a restaurant is the last key distinction between restaurants and bar licenses. Removing the seating requirement means all bars and restaurants operate on the same liquor service basis,” said Mr Woods.
Key effects are:
– No liquor service  distinction between a restaurant and a pub, small bar, tavern, hotel or nightclub
– Pubs and bars to open in quiet residential neighbourhoods with no limit on size
– WA to No longer have licensed restaurants where people can have a quiet meal without the disturbance if drinkers walking around
– Pubs, nightclubs, small bars, taverns and hotels to gain access to 24 hour a day trading by converting to a restaurant license
“By removing the requirement to be seated in a restaurant, it removes the last distinction between a restaurant and a pub, small bar, tavern, hotel or nightclub, WA Labor is in effect creating over 1000 new 24hr bars across the state.
“Local neighbourhood restaurants and cafes will be able to sell alcohol the same as small bars, taverns and hotels under WA Labor’s policy.
“Not only will a local restaurant be able to become a bar, it will be able to trade 24 hours a day under Labor’s policy.
“In addition to any new bars created by this policy, those nightclubs, small bars, taverns and hotels which have wanted to sell liquor 24 hours a day will be able to convert to a restaurant license and offer 24 hour trading.
“With less stringent planning regulations required to start a restaurant, operators will look to the restaurant license as an easier option for opening a neighbourhood bar.
“Mark McGowan in announcing this policy will change public health, social and community access to alcohol like no other government in Australia has before.   It truly will be a deregulated system where alcohol can be accessed at any place, at any time all over the state.”


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