W.A.'s High Tea Claims Top Spot

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Lecturers of The West Coast Academy of Hospitality and Tourism are leaving to Sri Lanka to create a high tea for the Dilmah family.
The hospitality and tourism academy based in Joondalup beat hotels, restaurants and other culinary schools from around the nation, winning the Dilmah Proffesional High Tea Challenge.
Lecturers Chad Tilbury and Daniel Moore proved their prowess –  They had to combine a range of ‘vintage carnival dishes and drinks inspired by timeless cocktails, in order to win the top prize.
“We’ve worked together for several years at the academy, training students to enter the hospitality industry so this was a great opportunity to take our modern cookery techniques, products and equipments further a field and put WA in the spot”, said Moore.
The competitors were assessed for originality, creativity and taste. Most importantly, the chefs needed to have a vast understanding and respect for tea. Not only were the chefs asse ssed for style or presentation, they needed to appreciate the specific flavours and harmonies of different types of teas.
This competition aims to build awareness on the importance of drinking tea. Dilmah founder, Merril J. Fernando said he wants to share this natural herb with Australia and spread the benefits tea can offer.
“I devoted my life to tea, knowing that in this natural herb are unparalled health benefits, my sons and I want to share with Australian tea drinkers and chefs our knowledge of tea and promote awareness of the benefits that tea offers”, said Fernando.


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