Cullen celebrate 40 Years of Brilliance

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Congratulations to all involved at Cullen Wines on their recent 40th anniversary – the team held their well deserved birthday bash last month, marking four decades of fabulous wine-making.
Not only was the event a great celebration for Cullen,  it also highlighted to other winemakers what a Margaret River winery as committed to quality can achieve in a relatively short time period given that we as a region are just 44 years of age.
Individuals, businesses and organisations can sometimes forget how far they have progressed if they do not, on occasion look back to see were they started from.  Cullen Wines did this over the weekend not only in style but truly let the wines and they’re long term commitment to sustainability at all levels speak for itself.
Comments and reflections from the national and international media who were present not only were impressed with Cullen but also spoke very highly about Margaret River and its place on the world wine stage as a region of influence.
Other Margaret River wineries are also looking at significant milestones in the immediate years ahead so there will be plenty of opportunities for all to share wines that focus on quality and thus showcase what this region can do.
Once again well done to all who are part of the greater Cullen team family and staff,we look forward to another 40 years of excellence!
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