Vu’s Vietnamese Cafe & Restaurant

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7/298 Mill Point Rd, South Perth
(08) 9368 2291

Vibrant Vietnamese

I consider myself to be quite adventurous when it comes to trying new cuisines especially signature foods and dishes that are particular to a culture. Having travelled around the globe since I was young, my favourite experience has always been getting acquainted with the local and traditional food of each country. One of the best things about Australian culture is that it embraces international food and brings it right to our doorstep. The new food that has become increasingly popular in my lifestyle is Vietnamese cuisine; the reason being is that it has a clean, fresh and healthier taste to other heavier styled Asian cuisines.
Vu’s Vietnamese Café Restaurant owner Vu and his wife Hilda welcomed my dining companion and me to their beautiful South Perth restaurant. Our first taste of Vietnam was an exciting entrée platter that was not on the menu, but is available for those that can’t make up their minds. Included on the extravagant platter were grilled garlic prawn skewers, authentic fish cakes, ceremony rice paper rolls, satay chicken sticks and special spring rolls with three dipping sauces, this was more than enough for two.
The entrée platter looks grand and invites you to taste a little bit of everything offered at Vu’s. I would recommend the entrée platter for those that haven’t yet found their all time favourite Vietnamese starter and even for those who like to spice things up and explore new flavours. Definitely noteworthy were the fish cakes with a strong sourness and soft, almost chewy texture, they literally are indescribable so you will need to make sure you order some of these to know what I am talking about.
One of my favourite Vietnamese delicacies is their rice paper rolls and dipping sauce, (a healthier option from deep fried spring rolls but just as flavourful). Vu’s Ceremony Rice Paper Rolls are filled with cooled pink prawns, crisp cucumber, bean sprouts and thin rice noodles. They took no time to get eaten and for me, represent what Vietnamese cuisine is all about.
I would describe Vietnamese cooking, as taking a less is more approach, by simply using good ingredients with the right blend of textures. For instance we ate the healthy rice paper roll and dipped it into a sauce full of flavour. Therefore, instead of cooking with rich flavours and lots of oil, the Vietnamese simplify food and focus on key ingredients.
After getting through the entrée platter, Vu brought us a spectacular looking Seafood Clay Pot that included tender scallops, fish and prawns combined with crunchy broccoli in a hot sweet and savoury soup. The seafood clay pot makes you feel as good as it tastes, warming up the body up as you make your way through the juicy fish, salty soup and crunchy greens – you could really lose yourself in this dish.
Vietnamese cuisine was my newfound addiction long before I dined at Vu’s and his assortment of dishes did not disappoint. Beautifully dressed wait staff were attentive yet respectful leaving us free to dine at our own pace. Vu and his wife Hilda have also created a great combination of dine in and take away options great for those cold winter nights and you can visit them at their South Perth location.
What makes Vu’s Café Restaurant even more appealing is the perfect blend between comfortable, relaxed café ambience, and ritzy restaurant style dining that serves tasty Vietnamese cuisine.
By Louie Coen


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