The Sail and Anchor

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64 South Tce, Fremantle
Phone: (08) 9431 1666

An Ale or two at the Sail

A great location, situated in South Terrace in the heart of beautiful Fremantle, the Sail & Anchor is bound to please. The menu is extensive with a wide selection of dishes from lighter style meals, tasting plates or a filling main.
Established in 1884 as the Freemasons Hotel and one hundred years later transforming to become the Sail & Anchor it was one of Australia’s first pub micro breweries and has since developed an internationally renowned beer portfolio.
Famous for the al fresco Brewer’s Courtyard it is a great spot to enjoy one of the handcrafted beers on tap. You can even watch the brewers at work while you enjoy a beer with head brewer Fiona Geraty and assistant Mark Walters busier than ever. There’s nothing quite so relaxing as watching others at work.
This year the pub celebrates their twenty-fifth anniversary and it is a milestone that won’t pass without a special celebration or two. Plans for special promotional events are underway to take place later in the year to mark this special occasion.
It was a Friday when we visited the Sail & Anchor; a beautiful sunny day during the school holidays with families out and about enjoying all that Fremantle has to offer. On the menu you will find the suggested beers to drink with each dish to make it easier for you. We found the suggested beers were well matched with the menu dishes.
Beginning with the Parma ham and prawn salad with a mango and chilli dressing was a great start and perfectly washed down with the Sail blonde wheat beer. The soft vanilla flavour with the sour finish cleansing the palate was the perfect match with the shellfish. Not too strong enhancing the flavour of the fresh prawns and the sweetness of the dressing and saltiness of the ham in contrast working well together.
The fish (beer battered of course) and chips was served with tartare sauce, a crisp salad and lemon wedges. Sitting outside enjoying the ambience this was accompanied perfectly with the chilli beer. Now I have a confession – I had never tasted chilli beer before and when doing a restaurant review, the food and beverages are photographed prior to tasting. However, with a thirst and enthusiasm, when the icy cold chilli beer was placed in front of me, I could not resist. I was into it, ruining the photo shoot. Oops – Take Two! Once we got past that glitch – the beer was once again beautifully matched, contrasting with the batter on the fish. When choosing a grilled fish a lighter ale such as a blonde or a Pils beer would be a more suitable match.
If you prefer a heartier red meat dish the Grilled red wine and thyme Kangaroo Fillet is a beauty served with mashed potato, grilled tomato, snow peas and asparagus spears. This selection of vegetables truly enhanced the flavours of the kangaroo fillet and was served with Xocoatl Porter ale for a more robust flavour – a dark ale but lighter than a stout or a Guiness.

Brewers Fiona and Mark enjoy their job and are quite passionate about their beer making. Fiona has been at the Sail & Anchor for two years, while Mark has been there twelve months. It was quite a contrast for Fiona who had worked in Broome for six years prior to settling in Fremantle. Fiona says there are pros and cons to the job but at the end of the day there is a great feeling of satisfaction from the work. “When you sit down and have a nice cold beer that you have made, it doesn’t get much better than that,” she said.
Heritage listed, the Sail & Anchor is a grand building with original polished floorboards adding to the nostalgia. Upstairs there is a cocktail lounge, luxurious sofas to relax in, several function rooms and a balcony overlooking the famous Cappuccino Strip. So treat yourself to a relaxing lunch or a night out and watch out for the anniversary celebrations this year, around early springtime – the perfect time to get out.
By Ingrid Rickersey


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