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Screen shot 2015-05-07 at 1.24.23 PMWhether you are an independent restaurant, a boutique hotel or an established chain of eateries or hotels, everyone has the same objective – to provide their patrons with the best service and highest quality produce wherever possible.
Whether you are looking for the best quality beef, top of the range pork or the tenderest lamb, DBC Talk About Taste has you covered. Their ranges include the Timber Hill Pork, Evertender Beef, Valley Spring Lamb and the renowned Pitch Black Angus Beef which appears on the menus of renowned and respected restaurants, hotels and wineries around Western Australia.
With five well-known brands of beef, lamb and pork under their umbrella as well as chicken available directly from DBC Talk About Taste, you can be assured of the highest quality meats direct from the producers.
Pitch Black Angus Beef is served in several of WA’s top restaurants including the revolving C Restaurant, assuring diners of the best quality beef at these establishments. Raised exclusively in the southwest of WA, this grass-fed beef is often requested by customers by name, further proving the reputation built by the brand over the last sixty years.
Valley Spring Lamb from DBC Talk About Taste offers one of the finest lamb products in the region, raised to strict standards and meeting the highest quality assessment criteria. This provides your diners with the most tender cuts of lamb that will keep them coming back for more.
Timber Hill Pork is exceptionally flavoursome – moisture enhanced to add juiciness while still remaining lean and adhering to consumer standards. As a result, it’s easy to cook, retains all juices and flavour and is the ideal choice for today’s discerning diners.
DBC Talk About Taste has a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCAP) system in place, so you will be sure to receive all bulk meat orders within specified timescales and in perfect condition, ready for the plate.
To join clients ranging from Australia’s top wineries, hotels and restaurants as well as government bodies and care facilities, partner with an established and respected wholesale meat supplier in Western Australia, contact DBC Talk About Taste today online or call their head office on (08) 9780 6000.


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