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Restaurant & Catering Australia (R&CA) is encouraging the industry to get up to speed with digital technology to ensure restaurants, cafes and caterers have a competitive edge and can be found easily by consumers.
A new Social Media award has been introduced to this year’s Savour Australia Restaurant & Catering HOSTPLUS Awards for Excellence, which will award the business with the most Facebook and / or Twitter likes.
R&CA CEO John Hart hopes this will encourage restaurateurs and café operators to embrace social media with ABS statistics revealing just over 30 percent of food services are found on social media.
“Those who can be found on social media are one step ahead of the rest – the proof is in the pudding – with a survey undertaken in May 2013 by BIS Sharpnel revealing about one-third of Australians search for dining options online.
“There’s still time to launch businesses on social media and be in the running for the Social Media award with the number of likes and followers being determined on Thursday 1 May,” said Mr Hart.
The Social Media award is among numerous restaurant and catering award categories that are now open for nominations and will be judged by industry in one of the most dependable award systems.
“Nomination forms and closing dates can be found at www.restaurantcater.asn.au on the awards page. But make sure you’re quick with catering nominations closing at the end of this month.
“You too can get involved by voting for your favourite restaurant or café to give them the chance to win the Consumer Vote – simply fill out a few details at www.savouraustralia.com.au
“The Savour Australia awards system drives professionalism and high standards across the country – and now the new Social Media award will help industry recognise the importance of being easily accessible to the public,” said Mr Hart.
The association is also compiling a Digital Business Kit to assist businesses build a successful online presence.
The project’s first module ‘How teleworking can help run your business’, which was released in November 2013, can be found at http://www.restaurantcater.asn.au via the Digital Business Kit tab.
The remaining five DVDs, which will be released by June 2014, include:

  •   The Internet and the Restaurant & Catering Industry
  •   Increasing Customer Spend through Internet Technologies
  •   The Internet Making Business Better
  •   The Internet and the conference market
    “Restaurants and cafes are increasingly providing accessibility and mobility to customers by offering complimentary wireless internet –social media is the next step to fulfilling Australian diners’ needs,” said Mr Hart.

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