Asian Beer Online introduces ‘the champagne of beers’ Orion Premium Draft Beer From the shores of Okinawa, Japan, to ours

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Asian Beer Online is brewing up change in the Australian drinks market with the introduction of the ‘champagne of beers’, Orion Premium Draft Beer. Produced with exacting care, this craft beer is sure to satisfy Australian pallets this summer with its light and refreshing taste of mild citrus, grassy and biscuity malt flavours, and low levels of bitterness.
Now available in select restaurants and from online store Asian Beer Online, Orion Premium Draft Beer is produced on the unique sub-tropical Japanese island of Okinawa and embodies the island’s characteristics: fresh, natural and leaving a lasting impression. It is the only mainstream Japanese beer to be exclusively brewed and bottled in Japan.
“Premium craft beers are becoming increasingly more popular, with the consumption of craft beer increasing by six per cent every year. Australians are growing more aware of the local and international craft beer market and the array of choices available,” states Tim Brotherton, Owner of Asian Beer Online, who imports the beer.
“We are constantly on the look-out for flavoursome and authentic beers to suit the needs of the beer connoisseur and Orion Premium Draft Beer is such a drink.”
Andre Bishop, Sake Samurai, Sake Master and owner of Nihonshu Sake Bar, Izakaya Chuji and Kumo Izakaya restaurants, Melbourne, states: “Orion Premium Draft Beer is a light and refreshing Asian beer with more body and character than many other Japanese brands. Its easy and smooth style really complements Asian cuisine and lighter meats such as chicken, pork or fish. I advise customers to enjoy Orion with my BBQ Pork Belly or Japanese Fried Chicken dishes.”
The Orion state-of-the-art brewery, located in the charming island of Okinawa, is the fifth largest beer brewery in Japan, producing 72 million litres of fresh beer each year.
Orion Premium Draft Beer is available in the Asian Beer Online store and can be enjoyed from a select number of restaurants and bottle shops. With a convenient online delivery service, Orion can be consumed as both a session beer and along with meals.
Enjoy Orion Premium Draft Beer responsibly. Visit for information on daily alcohol guidelines and allowances.

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