Nail Stout wins two Gold medals

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Nail Brewing Australia has won two of only nine gold’s given at the 2013 Perth Royal Beer Show from 423 entries.
Though the PRBS is one of the hardest beer awards judged in Australia where all beer entered must be brewed in Australia.
Nail Brewing Australia has been consistently winning awards for many years. Winning this years champion Stout draft, is the 6th time Nail Stout has won best Stout at Perth Royal Beer Show. Nail Stout has also won double gold at Sydney Royal Beer Show and International Beer Challenge. Last month Clout Stout won the only gold at the Sydney Royal Beer Show from 150 entries and was champion beer of show. Clout Stout also won gold at the 2013 Australian International Beer Awards.
Nail Stout is called an oatmeal stout because it is brewed with rolled oats. Five different dark malts provide a smooth sweetness on the front of the palette with coffee chocolate flavour and is balanced on the back of the mouth with Kent Goldings hops. Australian pale malt creates a 6% alcohol, medium body premium stout.  Nail Stout is top fermented and bottled conditioned (yeast sediment) as a genuine stout. Nail beers are traditionally brewed with all natural ingredients.
Brewer John Stallwood says, “Though Nail Stout is a stout it tastes nothing like Guinness. Unfortunately many people wont try a stout as they don’t like Guinness. Nail Stout is black but it taste like chocolate and coffee”. “I think it would be great for beer drinkers to try more true local beers”.
Nail Brewing started in 2000 but operations stopped in 2004 when John received an acute brain injury from a one punch assault. John had a craniology surgery where much of his skull is now titanium. In April 2014 it will mark the 10th anniversary of John accident. The first 2 years were concentrated on rehabilitation. The last 8 years John has brewed consistent quality beers. Now ten years later Nail now has its beers distributed nationally.
Nail beers are presently brewed at Bassendean on a 5000 litre brewhouse. Nail beers are distributed nationally through many independent outlets and BWS/Dan Murphies.  Nail beers are also on tap in leading hotels like Clancys, The Sail, Norfolk, Cott, Rottnest, Hyde…. Small development brews are also brewed at Joondalup with it 600 litre brewery.
There are about 160 microbreweries in Australia but high excise hurts the potential it could give to Australia. Nail Stout pays $16 excise a carton and $70 a keg.  That’s over $2/litre excise for Nail Stout bottle and $1.40/litre excise for Nail Stout draught.
November 9-16 is WA Beer Week. WA has a long history of quality beers. Nail Brewing Congratulates Feral Brewing for winning best WA beer and Redoak for winning best Australian Beer. John Stallwood says “If you haven’t tried a Feral, Red Oak or Nail Beer, then you haven’t tried a true local premium craft beer.” It is hard to brew a quality beer but it is harder to brew a consistent quality beer. Passion and hard work is what premium craft brewing is about.
Nail Brewing also brews champion beers Nail Ale, Golden Nail and Clout Stout. Nail Brewing made international news in 2010 when a fund raising (Sea Shepherd Society) bottle of Antarctic Nail Ale sold for $1850 (the most expensive beer in the world).


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