Nail Brewing Wins 2 Golds at Sydney Royal Beer Competition

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Screen shot 2014-09-24 at 1.41.21 PM19th  September,2014 – Nail Brewing Australia won 2 of 6 golds given at SRBC held at The Stables – Sydney Olympic Stadium.  Nail’s two gold medals were given to Nail Red (Brockwell Brewedwell) and HUGhE Dunn.
Gold Medal Beers:
Nail Red: A 6% Red Ale that pours with a striking red hue. The beer is dry hopped  which presents an incredible fresh hop aroma and flavour. The specialty malts provide sweetness to balance the bitterness and the red hue.  This beer (Nail Red – Brockwell Brewedwell) is brewed in Memory of the late Maurice Brockwell who helped Nail start back in 2000 by allowing Nail’s owner John Stallwood to put a small microbrewery in his pub Bobby Dazzlers (now the Boheme in Perths CBD). Nail Red has sold so well in the last couple of months that the single batch has already been added to its core range of beers.
Nail HUGhE Dunn: An 8% Imperial Brown ale, dark brown in colour, fruity esters and malt on the nose with slight hops. Medium malt sweetness, chocolate and caramel. Medium body yet easy drinking. Medium malt bitterness with perfect malt balance. Brewed in thanks to WA brewing guru Hugh Dunn who has helped educate John Stallwood to brew consistent quality beers. Nail HUGhE Dunn has won multiple major awards since it was first brewed less than a year ago. It won gold and best Porter at the Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) in May (from over 30 Countries) and also best Porter at the Royal Adelaide beer awards in July where Nail also won the best small brewery award.
Both Nail Red and Nail Hughe Dunn have been added to Nail’s core range in the last couple of months. The rest of the core beer range includes multi award winning Nail Stout and Nail Ale and another new beer Golden Nail.
Bassendean – Perth based Nail Brewing Australia has consistently won consecutive awards over more than 6 years including 6 years of consecutive golds at AIBA, 5 golds at the tough SRBC including best beer, a collection of golds and trophys from Perth Royal Beer Show including best WA Beer, and the Royal Adelaide Beer show best small brewery, 3 golds and best porter trophy. Brewer and owner John Stallwood says “Winning awards gives me confidence and you need confidence in such a tough industry when you have your house and my families house as security for the business.” When Nail started nearly 15 years ago there were just over 20 breweries and now there is over 200. All brewers have passion and have to think their beer is good, but consistently winning gold is helping Nail build a name in the industry.
Nail Brewing started in 2000 as the first brewery in the Perth CBD. In 2004 John was assaulted with acute head injury and had to shut the brewery down. After 2 years of recovery, John got back into brewing as a Gypsy brewer, brewing Nail beers in different locations. John has brewed at Edith Cowan University Joondalup (ECU) for 6 years and in 2012 started brewing in his own brewery again in Bassendean. On John’s recovery and time at ECU, Hugh Dunn became his mentor. John brewed this beer at Bassendean in thanks for Hugh Dunn’s help.
Nail beers are presently brewed at Bassendean in a 5000 litre brewhouse. Nail beers are distributed nationally in Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Adelaide. Small development brews are also brewed at Joondalup with its 600 litre brewery.
Nail Brewing also brews champion beers Nail Ale, Golden Nail, HUGhE Dunn and Clout Stout. Nail Brewing made international news in 2010 when a fund raising (Sea Shepherd Society) bottle of Antarctic Nail Ale sold for $1850 (the most expensive beer in the world).


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