Mmmm – Donuts…

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Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 9.41.29 AMDonuts, Brownies, Eclairs…… the Royal Perth Bread & Pastry Awards are back!
2017 is the year of the Donut. At least it is for the Perth Royal Bread & Pastry Awards as the latest inclusion into the Perth Royal Food Awards.
Donut extraordinaire David Bignall, owner of Top Dup Donuts, is one the many entries into the awards. Seriously excited at the prospect of presenting his donuts to the esteemed judging panel, Mr. Bignall is ‘a kid from the bush’, growing up in Kojonup and entering the baking competition at his local show each year.  “I bake with a lot of love, it’s my secret ingredient.” said Mr. Bignall, exclaiming his entry into the Perth Royal Food Awards to be the pinnacle of his career.
With judging taking a full day, some consideration must be taken for the mammoth task ahead of the judges. Once they feast their eyes on the vast pastry selection and confronted with a multitude of tortes, cheesecake, vanilla slices, gourmet pies, carrot cake, quiche, fruit tarts, brownies and chocolate eclairs… the judges will need to take a well-earned rest.
John Noonan, Chief Judge of the bread category, is looking forward to analysing everything that will be laid out before him, including french sticks, multigrain, hot cross buns, gluten-free, cheese and bacon topped bread, pizza and brioche.  This year’s awards will be a last hurrah for Mr. Noonan, who is retiring after these awards are completed. Mr. Noonan’s extensive family history and background has more than qualified him for the role of Chief Judge, with John’s father a pioneer in baking who set up the original Perth Royal Baking Show, and his ownership of iconic WA bakery, Bodhi’s Bakehouse.
The Perth Royal Bread & Pastry Awards will not only showcase the latest inclusion of Donuts, but this year the Royal Agricultural Society has branched out with a ‘Bloggers Best’ judging, ensuring real time live access to followers on Instagram and Facebook. With so many consumers heavily involved with Perth’s bustling food and beverage scene, RASWA have taken the lead bringing the judging of the awards direct to the public.
“Each year entries increase and it really justifies why we’re here. New categories and a direct link to the public via Bloggers Best grabs a new crowd and it’s great for the awards and for the baking industry statewide.”, said RASWA President Mr. Paul Carter.


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