Make Room for Mushrooms

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28th September
In September a myriad of people from various organisations gathered in the Japanese Gardens at Perth Zoo where the Mushroom Growers Association thanked people for their support. Ed Halmagyi (Fast Ed of Better Homes & Gardens fame) cooked up a storm with the most delicious barbequed mushrooms – Japanese style.
While being delighted with the simple diverse delights of mushrooms, attendees also learnt about the value of eating them. Glen Cardwell, Consultant Dietician, spoke about the health benefits of mushrooms and the important research that continues to reveal the therapeutic properties of the fungi.
Research has shown links between mushrooms in the diet and a significant reduction in the incidence of breast cancer and other diseases. “The research showed that just one button mushroom per day is enough to have a significant benefit”, Mr Cardwell said.
In a domain of their own, neither a fruit or a vegetable, mushrooms contain healthy anti oxidants and provide a good source of fibre. Cholesterol free, they are filling and very low in kilojoules, making them a great ‘weight control’ food while providing a good source of vitamins and minerals.
Ed Halmagyi said the popularity of the Asian cuisine has been a factor in encouraging people to use more mushrooms, adding to quick easy meals such as stir fries and salads. “Cooked or raw, mushrooms are good for you and equally beneficial”, he said.
“Mushrooms are perfect for marinating, so when you fire up the barbie remember mushies. Mushrooms are quick and easy to prepare and the flavours are exciting and very user friendly for home cooks as well as chefs”, he said.
For more information about mushrooms take a look at issue 9 of Menu Magazine where Frehcorp takes a look at Mushroom varieties or go to
By Ingrid Rickersey


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