Lu Lu’s Cafe

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15 Rockingham Beach Rd, Rockingham
Phone: (08) 9529 3900

Lu Lu’s has been under new management since September 2011.

Homestyle on the beach

I cannot think of a more relaxed way to spend a sunny afternoon than having lunch at Lu Lu’s, a vibrant and casual café on the foreshore in Rockingham. Who could resist the warm and comfortable alfresco area, looking out over the water to Garden Island in the distance?
Lu Lu’s is like a beach café but with a serious dose of country style and an emphasis on quality home-style meals. The menu has something for everyone, with a range of snacks, salads, seafood and more. And if you like your desserts… you’ve come to the right place.
On the Friday afternoon we visited Lu Lu’s, the sun was shining, the breeze was blowing softly and there was an aroma of quality coffee in the air. We started off with the French Onion Soup, a thick and creamy mix of herbs, spices and whole chunks of soft and yummy onion. I’m so used to the standard thin, translucent stuff most other places serve up under the French Onion Soup banner, so Lu Lu’s delicious combination was a major bonus for me. Add a thick crouton with a layer of parmesan and I assure you, you won’t ever go anywhere else.
The Bruschetta was also a pleasant surprise. Toasted French bread smothered in tomato, onion, fetta, herbs and olives – olives on Bruscetta? Brilliant – I loved this tasty twist one of my favourite snacks.

For a main, you can’t go past the Fish, Chips and Salad. But these were no ordinary fish and chips. The chips were firm and tasty and the fish was a big chunk of flesh, grilled to perfection, and covered in a creamy onion, garlic and caper sauce that I greedily gobbled up before my companion could get a look-in. It tasted fantastic!
Staying in the seafood vein, we headed for the Creamy Garlic Prawns. There were at least 12 fat, juicy grilled prawns on skewers in a sweet and sour sauce. The prawns were chunky and fleshy, and I loved the salad and rice accompaniment.
But it was the dessert that I was really looking forward to – and I wasn’t disappointed. The white chocolate truffle cake with mixed berries and cream tasted rich and heavenly – just as good as it sounds. The berries were plump and juicy, and I loved that they were fresh.
The dessert area is where Lu Lu’s really shines; Lu Lu’s serves consistently rich, fresh, high-quality desserts – made on the premises. The big cake cabinet at the counter is always changing, and I look forward to seeing what’s there next time I drop by.

There was time to squeeze in a coffee – but this certainly wasn’t the usual fare. I enjoyed a tall, creamy hazelnut mocha while my companion had an Amaretto Chiller, an impressive display of coffee, ice and cream. Lu Lu’s are known for their quality coffees, including their Coffee of the Week, which provides customers with a delicious alternative to the standard flat white. There’s also flavoured coffees, as well as a rangne of milkshakes, juices, iced coffees and chocolates, and herbal teas.
A visit to Rockingham isn’t complete without lunch at Lu Lu’s. Next time you’re after something fresh and lovely for lunch, it’s definitely worth the short drive for Perth punters. It’s open from 7am with a great range for breakfast, then right through until the late afternoon for lunch then coffees and snacks. For relaxed, quality fare on the beach, you won’t find anything.

Lu Lu’s is featured in the Masters of Menu recipe book. Click here for more information

By Katy Scott


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