Little Caesars Pizzeria

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Chicken7125 Great Eastern Highway
Ph: (08) 9295 6611

Theo Best Pizza

When I was asked to head to the Hills and eat pizza and write about it, I had a bit of trouble holding myself back. I mean, why would I want to go and eat at the most talked about pizza place in Perth? I jumped at the chance.
As I opened the door and let myself in, all the senses come alive. The smell is amazing, with the semi open kitchen and the huge pizza ovens, the walls totally covered with pizza menus, the roar of the trucks outside and really good music pumping.
OrangeSmallLuckily for me Theo Kalogeracos, owner and all round awesome guy, is there to tell me all about his story, the shop’s story and choosing pizza.
This is the original Little Caesars, opened in 1996 by Theo with his wife and his uncle Caesar (yes the place is named after him) and since then it has gathered a pretty good reputation and people who live in the Hills have been flocking to it for years.
Theo is in the process of opening a second shop in Victoria Park, so keep an eye out for when the doors open – it will have a bit of a new look and by the sounds of it, you will be able to watch your pizza being made from scratch.
Now to the food, there are five main categorised menu boards – Vegetarian, Seafood, Meat, Chicken and Desserts. Then there are the sides and pastas and if that’s not enough there are heaps of specials dotted above the register which change daily and if you are a social media whizz then hop on and find out the secret pizzas. To order these you simply find it on facebook and request it at the counter.
My secret pizza, which was the first one we tried, was called the ‘ihop’ and it was a pizza base, covered with a pancake batter, candied bacon, sea salt, maple syrup and ice cream … I know, what? Bloomin’ marvelous is all I can say.
I start to hear the stories from Theo about pizza, family, and his love of music and it is clear, this is an obsession. Theo lives pizza and as a chef I am wowed, this guy really knows his stuff. Every pizza has a story behind it, Theo should write a book. Oh yes, he has two, both on display on the front counter and best sellers I hear.
Next pizza was the Chick Magnet, a vego’s dream, topped with toasted chick peas, garlic, cumin, spicy tomato sauce, yoghurt, parsley and zatar – it’s a pretty robust pizza and theBacon3flavours are just magical.
Then comes the Birds of Tokyo – OK you are asking why? Well the bass player of the band used to work in the shop. This is teriyaki chicken, sesame seeds, mozzarella, pickled cucumber, Japanese mayo and parsley – an Asian twist on top of a pizza, different, delicious and pretty addictive.
Now we are eating the Flaming Lips, my favourite – I love a bit of fish on a pizza … spicy tuna, mozzarella, onions, garlic, Japanese mayo, chilli sauce, parsley and a lemon wedge, juicy, spicy and just right, YUM.
I might just pause here and explain that this is the only pizza place I know of that has a pass, which in restaurant kitchens is the place where the chef makes the food look pretty. This place does have a pass, so all the mayo, herbs, and extra bits are put on fresh at the end.
Last up, I almost squealed with excitement, my favourite cake on top of a pizza? Carrot Cake and Wine is cinnamon based carrot cake, honey wine carrots, chopped pecans and a cream cheese frosting. Ahhhmazing!
For any gluten free people, at least 80% of the savoury pizzas come as GF and three of the dessert pizzas.
By Sophie Budd
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