Into the Storm

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Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 10.43.42 amWhere have all the good disaster films gone? “Into The Storm” is the first film in a long time to attempt this formula, and while the first ten to twenty minutes of this film are utter garbage, the film slowly but surely becomes one hell of an intense action ride that you just have to admit you had fun with. The dialogue is very by-the-numbers and the characters are all very stereotypical, but this film somehow in it’s final climax, made me care for everything that was happening to every character. From something that started out as lame and forgetful, became this story of redemption and many characters have great character arch’s. The destruction and CGI of the tornadoes in this film are far more impressive than one would expect from this type of film and I admired that. “Into the Storm” will not be remembered for it’s story, but as a film that got more and more entertaining as it went on. I’ve never had this big of a 180* turn happen to me in a while and it felt refreshing. Still, this is in no way a great film. I would watch all the action scenes over and over again, but nothing else really stands out. It is a mediocre film with awesome adrenaline fuelled action!


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