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150 Oxford Street, Leederville
Ph: (08) 6114 3586

An Italian Welcome

Have you ever met an Italian who doesn’t enjoy their food? Their passion isn’t only reserved for the food itself, but also for the ritual of sharing a meal with loved ones and, for the lucky ones, siestas in the afternoons.

Siestas probably aren’t a common occurrence for Impronta’s three owners Mirko Cacciola, Stephanie McCurry, and Luca Zampieri. Open for dinner Wednesday to Saturday and every day for breakfast and lunch, as well as an endless stream of takeaway coffee throughout the day. Just like Nonna’s table, you’re welcome at any time.

Impronta translates to ‘imprint’ and that’s exactly what this intimate bistro does – this isn’t your standard spaghetti and meatball joint.

Our feast began with Carpaccio di Ricciola – a kingfish carpaccio with a verdant jelly of cucumber water, charred grapefruit, marinated fennel and salmon roe. Served with black salt on the side, this dish took us on a briny journey beneath the sea, accentuated by the tang of grapefruit.

The next dish Stracciatella was served with prosciutto San Daniele, grilled peach, balsamic vinegar pearls and toasted bread. Stracciatella is the cheese created from the creamy centre of burrata. The saltiness of the prosciutto and acidity of the balsamic vinegar cut through the creaminess of the cheese, with a lovely touch of sweetness from the peach.

It was intriguing how the bread remained firm in amongst the other ingredients and Mirko shared his not-so secret tip: “We remove the crust, place it in the oven for three to four minutes to make it crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.”

Served with the 2020 Poggio Anima Grillo DOC Uriel (Sicily, Italy), this white wine also carved through the creaminess, while the saltiness of the prosciutto brought out the sweetness in the wine. I can’t think of a more perfect wine pairing to this dish.

The luxurious Cavatelli con Salsiccia hit all the right notes of comfort meets decadence. The cavatelli pasta was on the toothy side of al dente while the aniseed in the pork fennel sausage mingled perfectly with the earthiness of the mushrooms and creamy truffle sauce.

Paired with the 2019 Prunotto Barbera D’Alba (Piedmont, Italy), this medium bodied red originates from the land of Italian truffles. Introducing fresh acidity to the dish, this young red further accentuated the creamy truffle sauce. I love the idea of how the truffles used in this sauce once shared the land with the wine swilling around in my glass.

Our final dish was the Ravioli alla Norma and, in complete contrast to the previous pasta dish, this delivered a sprightly flavour. Appropriately served in the Italian colours of green, white and red, the freshness of the cherry tomato sauce interlaced well with the handmade baked ricotta and eggplant ravioli.

The 2017 Corbera Nero D’Avola (Sicily, Italy) is similar to an Australian shiraz with nicely rounded plum notes and paired well with this saucy pasta dish.

With much of the lunch menu also served at dinner, what is particularly refreshing about Impronta are the prices. No main is above $30, and breakfast dishes average $20.

Co-owner Stephanie shared: “Our logo includes a fingerprint and there is a personal touch in everything we do.” I’m certain Impronta will leave an imprint on your appetite too.

By Carmen Jenner


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