Family and food are the perfect ingredients for award winner

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A passion for creating amazing flavour combinations and a keen interest in the cooking industry have earned Casuarina student Mikayla Archibald a top honour at Challenger Institute of Technology’s Student Awards Ceremony.
The Certificate II in Kitchen Operations graduate was awarded the Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Schools Student of the Year Award on 25 March. The ceremony recognised the achievements of more than 60 students from across the Institute, as well as five major award winners in the categories ofAboriginal Student of the Year, Apprentice of the Year,Trainee of the Year, Vocational Student of the Year and Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Schools Student of the Year.
Mikayla (16) was rewarded for her initiative and leadership in the classroom and her hard work, dedication and positive outlook. The combination of food and family played a strong influence in Mikayla’s decision to embark on a career in cookery. “I am passionate about becoming a chef because my favourite memories revolve around celebrations and family events where my favourite foods and dishes have been associated with fun, love and laughter,” Mikayla said.
“I would love to bring that same emotion to my cooking and to the people who will delight in what I prepare.” Mikayla said her favourite elements of the course included her work placement, mastering different cooking methods and the art of melding a variety of flavours together to create delicious foods. “The course has provided me with the opportunity to see first-hand the many aspects of professional cookery, including the hours involved and the skills and dedication it takes to become an extraordinary chef,” Mikayla explained.
A student at Kennedy Baptist College, Mikayla is a participant in the Pre-Apprenticeships in Schools (PAiS) program. The program allowed her to attend high school and train at Challenger Institute, while completing a work placement at Bluewater Grill Steakhouse in Applecross.
Challenger hospitality program manager Leo Smith said that Mikayla is a genuine self-starter who has planned her future career in detail. “Mikayla has used her work placement to build up a network for when she starts her career. She knows how to place herself well for future employment and has used every avenue available to her,” Mr Smith said.
The 2014 VET in Schools Student of the Year is proudly sponsored by MEGT Australian Apprenticeships Centre.


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