Conscious Living Expo

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Health-Hands-on-Healing-555x308The expo ran from November 4th to 6th at the Perth Convention Centre. The Conscious Living Expo creates connections for the expansion of consciousness and to inspire people to co-create a more sustainable way of living in peace, harmony and happiness.

The expo brought together practitioners and businesses to showcase a range of choices for living consciously through food and nutrition, sustainable environment, health and well-being, creative arts and spirituality. The event provided a local and global platform for emerging authors, musicians, speakers and artists to communicate their ideas, to express their purpose and vision in contributing to a more conscious world.

The event connected people who are interested in waking up and living their purpose on the planet today with leaders and innovators as well as fellow travelers. The programs (products and services offered), are designed to be unique in their own way to propagate the desired message to the intended audience.

Some of the products sold were unique hand crafted jewellery, crystals, organic skincare, Gluten free organic live raw food, detox juices, and Superfoods and Nutritional Supplements. Some exciting programs  held were Natural Health Practitioners workshop, Psychic Readings, Mediumship demonstrations, Earth Parenting, Kids Activities, Inspirational Talks & Workshops with renowned authors and speakers, Sound Healing Meditations, and Live Heart Opening Music.

The 5 pillars or elements that are integral to the Conscious Living event are:

  • Conscious Earth
  • Conscious Food
  • Conscious Health
  • Conscious Arts
  • Conscious Spirit


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