Colonial’s KeuteBier!

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Menu Magazine was invited to join Colonial Brewery at their launch of ‘Keutebier’ at The Royal.
The Brewery is continuing to delve into the depths of Old World brewing, and, more specifically, the ‘lost lowland’ beers of Germany.
After doing some research on Brunswick Mumme (a brown, hoppy and predominantly barley ale) from the Middle Ages era, Colonial have its closest known relative – KeuteBier! (Cutie Beer)
This beer will follow a similar style as Mumme, yet will combine both pale and dark wheat malts, with lesser amounts of specialty barley malts.
As with all Colonial beer, only hops as closely linked and indigenous to the region of origin will be utilised.
As early beers are often under-attenuated (not fully fermented), a modern day yeast strain will be used to enhance drinkability.
KeuteBier has a pale reddish brown and a palate that hints at both sweet and sour. However what ultimately defines the beer is a complex nose of sweet aromatic spice and the beguiling aroma of Grandma’s secret apple cake and cream!
For more info on what Colonial has on offer, please click here.


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