Brazil to Boost Coffee Production with 5 Billion Dollar Injection.

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http://chugginmccoffee.comThe Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply has unveiled a plan that will see over US$5 billion injected into its coffee production industry.
P&A Marketing has reported that to maintain its market share of coffee consumption, Brazil will need to increase its planted area by at least 15 per cent, and increase its yield to at least 26.4 bags per hectare,  if wants to match 2020’s projected world consumption of  167 million bags. The funds will be dispersed to an estimated 200 000 growers, and is a big step in ensuring Brazil remains a contender on the world stage.
Brazil is currently the largest producer in the world, growing coffee on over 2.3 million hectares. Current average yield sits at 22 bags per hectare.
Most of the funds will come from the Brazilian Coffee Fund, with other government sources reportedly making up the difference.


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