Araluen Botanic Park

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Tulips_RoundhouseOn 1 September 2015 Araluen Botanic Park celebrated 25 years since the State Government bought the Park for the people of Western Australia. Since that day the Araluen Botanic Park Foundation (ABPF) has worked with various Government Departments to manage the Park and the success of this is clearly in evidence across this wonderful Park.
Araluen has changed dramatically from a weed infested, forgotten secret garden to a prominent tourist destination and a world class botanic garden. This has been achieved through the successful relationship of the not for profit Araluen Botanic Park Foundation and Government Departments. This strong union works better together than alone.
Festivals such as the current “It’s Yates Springtime at Araluen” and Araluen’s Fremantle Chilli Festival which now attracts over 108,000 visitors, provide considerable revenue allowing the Park to function over the less busy months.


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